Wednesday, April 4, 2007

From Passover to Easter

So, we sedered. Monday at our home, Tuesday at Anny's. I find that Maxwell House Hagaddah sexist, old fashioned, dry, and lifeless.

We had wonderful homemade macaroons that I will get the recipe for. They were amazing!
Menus -
Monday - 1st night
Deviled Eggs
Chicken Soup with Matzoh balls
Token gefilte fish with lots of really amazing horseradish
Mashed potatoes and gravy (yes, leaven)
Sauteed green beans
Fresh strawberries

Tuesday Night - 2nd night
Hard boiled eggs in salt water
Lots of gefilte fish
Chicken Soup with Matzoh balls
Leg of lamb
Beet and Fennel Salad (yum! A meal highlight!)
Boiled new potatoes
Chocolate Covered Matzoh from Piron Chocolateer

So now, on to the Easter ham feed - We'll have those deviled eggs again because they are universally loved. Liz makes them better than I do.
Ham and baked potatoes
Mixed green salad
Maybe I'll work that beet and fennel salad out. This recipe looks promising!
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